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TBC Elite Transform

Welcome to my premium one to one, 12-week coaching programme: TBC Elite Transform – time to transform your life…for good.


Imagine that in 12 weeks you will:

  • Feel in control of your emotions, recognise your triggers and be deliberate about how you feel – in short be immune to all the things that would stress you!

  • Get rid of the excuses you have used to stay where you are in the following areas:

    • Work/life balance

    • Fitness

    • Focus

  • Identify the STORIES that are keeping you back and know how to change them

  • Destroy stress, anxiety and overwhelm and have the tools to keep your mindset where it needs to be

  • Wake up excited, full of purpose and know what you need to do to take CONTROL of each day

Using the unique BRAVE framework, we will work intensely throughout the 90 days to change your life, to get you energised and enthusiastic about all of the challenges you may face.


Over the programme we will:

  • Work together to deeply understand your challenges, your true values and how to align them to create enthusiasm in all that you do

  • Set up 30/60/90-day outcomes to keep you on track so you can see how much you are achieving

  • Create a system of accountability to keep you on track with weekly sessions and 5-minute, on demand laser coaching.

  • Work through any materials or tools.  As your programme will be completely unique to you, the tools that we use will depend on what is right for you at the time.


The programme consists of three powerful phases:



Phase 1: Setting up for success.  Understanding the principles of how to lead a balanced life focusing on how to be:

  • Mentally resilient

  • Physically feeling great

  • Clarity on where you need to be


Phase 2: Working with live issues

We take all the learning, habits and routines from phase 1 and really make a difference to the challenges that you are facing


Phase 3: Setting the conditions for continues success

We look at how to capitalise on your successes and set you up for life beyond the programme

Sounds great right?  


The only question left is when do you want to start?