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Why work with me?

I get it, I’ve been there, I know how tough life can be when you are trying to be your best, working hard in your job, making yourself available for your family, trying to keep in shape, but just not being able to quite get them right.


You may be great in one of the areas; brilliant and smashing your job but you are overweight and unfit or when you’re with your family you're not really 'there'.  


Your fun is escaping, it may be through drink, eating too much or other ways that just don't serve you but you know this yet can't seem to make the shift.


That’s where I can help.  I will work with you, not on one area of your life but across all of them, with one purpose - to make you feel GREAT, in CONTROL and POWERFUL!  When you are feeling great, have confidence, energy and feel free you believe (rightly) that you can do anything.  


Oh, here’s a secret - my journey has led me to start this business - I want to help you feel as good as I do.

If you like qualifications and experience then I have worked in the military and public sector for 18 years, working with individuals, teams, and systems in highly pressured and complex environments.

I have the following certifications:

PG Diploma in Business Coaching

Level A & B Psychometric Qualification with Wave Accreditation

Abdi Return on Investment Foundation and Evaluator Award

MBTI Step 1 Practitioner

360-degree feedback coach and action learning set facilitator

Aston Team Coach Accredited

ICF Accredited Certificate in Team Coaching

ICF accredited Structural Dynamics/Dialogue qualification

PRINCE 2 Foundation and Practitioner trained

City and Guild Graduateship award in Leadership and Management

Lean Yellow Belt